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CLEANING your Duds with our suds since 1984!

locally owned and operated by a family who, like, really loves doing laundry.


Listen: We love doing

laundry WAY more than you do.

...and frankly, we're better at it, too.

Don't feel bad, though.  We are literally THE best in the business, so you're in good company.  Trust us when we say that nobody is as in love with laundry as we are.

Our customers love us.  Like, a lot.  Check out our reviews.  And when you realize that you love us, too, you can leave us some love as well.

We don't want to brag...but our boss, Pat, says we have to point out that we have won The Gazette's Best of the Springs award FOUR YEARS IN A ROW.  We're about to win it again.

Our staff has over fifty years of combined experience in cleaning dirty duds.

We have even MORE experience WEARING clothes.


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Our Services

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Our services involve expert cleaning processes based on what is best for your specific garment. 

We use only the highest quality solvents that are better for the earth than traditional dry cleaning chemicals and never leave any odors.



Leather, Suede, and Fur items require expert care from highly trained specialists.  Routine care will ensure your investment pieces don't fade and that surface wear doesn't develop from dryness



Your days of slaving away, folding mountains of clothes are GONE!

From business shirts to uniforms and more, we use superior detergents and finishing agents that have better whitening power and keep colors bright.  We utilize a HygeniClean™ Process that not only cleans every garment, but disinfects it as well.



Minor repairs such as replacing buttons and repairing small tears are done on-site by expertly trained Care Specialists. 


Major alterations are available through appointment with tailors who have over 30 years of experience.



Bedding, Drapery, Table Linens, Area Rugs... You name it, we can do it. 


We will determine the best way to safely clean even the most delicate fabrics to provide the expert care necessary to keep your household items looking new and feeling fresh.



Our highly trained specialists will inspect your garment thoroughly to determine the best method of care.  Once cleaned, your special items will be hand pressed, finished, and preserved to your preference to prevent yellowing and humidity.